Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Scans: Love Hina v1-v3

Love Hina    v1-v3(m)   (new print -> new translation)

-So whats this? Hasn't the whole series been fully scanlated and even the old print from TP been scanned. Buuuut I wanted to have a look at the new print from Kodasha (<-misspelled by purpose).
And I'm impressed. It's so much better then translation from TP. And the art itself has been printed with such care. Wow.

(But since book was omnibus (trible volume), our scanning is less impressive then usual this time.)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Scans: Dark Angel

As far as I know this series has only been scanned by us.
Dark Angel aka Seijuu Denshou Dark Angel
baka (Don't confuse it with: baka)

While we had scanned v1-v5 previously in HQ 400dpi, one of the volumes was more dear to me then others. The v2.
So here we go, extra HQ 600dpi Vol.2

Dark Angel v1-v5   v2HQ