Friday, September 19, 2014

Random Scans: Alice in the Country of Hearts/Clover/Joker

Note: I decided to put all books of this series to same post even if it's rescan.

Alice in the Country of Hearts (double volume) v1 v2 v3
Alice in the Country of Hearts v1 v5

Alice in the Country of Hearts - My Fanatic Rabbit  v1 v2

Alice in the Country of Hearts The Mad Hatter's Late Night Tea Party v1   v2(m)

Alice in the Country of Hearts Love Labyrinth of Thorns  vol(m)

Alice in the Country of Clover - Bloody Twins vol

Alice in the Country of Clover - Ace of Hearts vol

Alice in the Country of Clover - Cheshire Cat Waltz   v1  v2  v3(m) v4 v5 v6 v7

Alice in the Country of Clover - March's Hare  vol(m)

Alice in the Country of Joker: Circus and Liar's Game  v1   v4(m

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Are you Alice v5(m)

Blood Lad v3-v4(m) v5-v6(mv7-v8(m) v9-v10(m)

Bloody Cross v3(m)

Cage of Eden v14(m)

Dorohedoro v1(m) v2(m) v3(m) v4(m) v5(m) v6(m) v7(m) v8(m) v9(m)

Kore wa Zombie desu ka v7(m)

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - The Different Story v1(m)

Owari no Seraph v1(m)

Soul Eater  v14(m) v16(m) v17(m) v18(m) v19(m) v20(m)

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun v2(m) v3(m)

Tsubasa v1(m) v2(m) v3(m) v4(mv6(mv8(m) v9(m) v10(m) v11(m) v12(m) v13(m) v14(m) v15(m) v16(m) v17(m) v18(m) v19(m) v20(m) v21(m) v22(m) v23(m) v24(m) v25(m) v26(m) v27(m)

-Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - The Different Story v1
-Kore wa Zombie desu ka v1-v7
-Cage of Eden v1-v14
-Soul Eater v1 v2 v5-v14 v16-v20
-Bloody Cross v1 v2 v3
-Are you Alice v1-v5
-Owari no Seraph v1
-Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun v1 v2 v3
-Tsubasa v1-v4 v6 v8-v28
-Dorohedoro v1-v9
-Blood Lad v1-v8 v9-v10

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Scans: Mardock Scramble v1-v7

Mardock Scramble v1(m) v2(m) v3(m) v4(m) v5(m) v6(m) v7(m)

-hmm. Clearly a good series. Just not quite to my taste. Finished.

Friday, August 15, 2014


I have removed comments and commenting from page "scans by Random Scans".
For some unknown reason, I have been unable to properly view comment there. I could not reply to anyone nor was I always able to leave comment myself!

But no biggie. As all other pages and posts seem to work normally. Thought I have gotten reports of comments sometimes just disappearing when posted.
Still, hopefully this was singular bug.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Random Scans & anonymous: Dosei Mansion v4 v5 v6 v7

Dosei Mansion aka Saturn Apartments

released by anonymous
  v4 v5 v6 v7

Use torrent to download all volumes (v1-v7)


unedited scans:   v4 v5 v6 v7

Monday, August 11, 2014

Random Scans & AnethumGraveolens: Panorama Toukitan

Panorama Toukitan aka The Strange Tale of Panorama Island

released by AnethumGraveolens :  link  torrent


Unedited scans: vol(m)

Different from what I expected. Very interesting. I recommend you to read it. Except maybe start reading from page 100. Book has a sloooooow start.

Random Scans & AnethumGraveolens, anonymous: Danza


release by anonymous: link

and now in higher quality
released by AnethumGraveolens :  link  torrent

-Looks like this book had fans after all!

unedited scans  vol

Random Scans & Sherlock, anonymous: Gekiga Hyouryuu

Gekiga Hyouryuu  

released by Sherlock:   vol (torrent)
     re-leveled by anonymous  vol  , resized vol


unedited scans:   vol(m)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Random Scans & illya_ : Kiseijuu (Parasyte) v1-v8

release by illya_
Kiseijuu (Parasyte) v1-v8     (mirror)

and thus series is finished!
-quick edit from illya_ to celebrate upcoming anime.

the unedited scans are in linkfolders in 'scans in Random Scans' page

Random Scans & Redine: Thermae Romae v1 v2 v3

Thermae Romae        (finished!)

released by Redine:    v1  v2  v3(m)


Incredible books. (Well, the first two are.) I fell in love at the first sight.
Unedited scans:   v1(mv2(m) v3(m)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Random Scans, illya_ & Wolfram, Vanity, illya_, anonymous: Berserk


-Berserk v02 v03 from anonymous , v02 with increased levels.
-Berserk v24   v25    v32 HQ from WOLFRAM
-Berserk v26  v27    from anonymous
-Berserk v31 LQ from Kickthekitty
-Berserk v31 v.2 HQ from Vanity
-Berserk v33 v.2 HQ from illya_  links: JPG(477MB) , PNG(1,38GB)  
And here's resized version for those who have problems viewing large images. PNG2400px(456MB)
-Berserk v34 HQ from illya_  
-Berserk v35 HQ from illya_ 
-Berserk v36 HQ from illya_ 
v36 now edited to higher quality by Illya_ .

>scanned< and edited by  illya_ :
-Berserk v37 HQ           (torrent)

Unedited scans of Berserk v1-v36: 
Are at "Scans by Random Scans" page In Mega linkfolder "B".