Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Scans: Mardock Scramble v1-v7

Mardock Scramble v1(m) v2(m) v3(m) v4(m) v5(m) v6(m) v7(m)

-hmm. Clearly a good series. Just not quite to my taste. Finished.

Friday, August 15, 2014


I have removed comments and commenting from page "scans by Random Scans".
For some unknown reason, I have been unable to properly view comment there. I could not reply to anyone nor was I always able to leave comment myself!

But no biggie. As all other pages and posts seem to work normally. Thought I have gotten reports of comments sometimes just disappearing when posted.
Still, hopefully this was singular bug.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Random Scans & AnethumGraveolens: Panorama Toukitan

Panorama Toukitan aka The Strange Tale of Panorama Island

released by AnethumGraveolens : in linkfolder in releases page. Also torrent


Unedited scans: in linkfolder P in scans page.

Different from what I expected. Very interesting. I recommend you to read it. Except maybe start reading from page 100. Book has a sloooooow start.

Random Scans & AnethumGraveolens, anonymous: Danza


release by anonymous: link

and now in higher quality
released by AnethumGraveolens :  link  torrent

-Looks like this book had fans after all!

unedited scans  vol

Random Scans & Sherlock, anonymous: Gekiga Hyouryuu

Gekiga Hyouryuu  

released by Sherlock:
in linkfolder main2 in releases page
     re-leveled by anonymous    ,also resized version
in linkfolder main2 in releases page with name "a drifting life"


unedited scans: 
in linkfolder in scans page

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Random Scans & illya_ : Kiseijuu (Parasyte) v1-v8

release by illya_
Kiseijuu (Parasyte) v1-v8     (mirror)

and thus series is finished!
-quick edit from illya_ to celebrate upcoming anime.

the unedited scans are in linkfolders in 'scans in Random Scans' page

Random Scans & Redine: Thermae Romae v1 v2 v3

Thermae Romae        (finished!)

released by Redine:    v1  v2  v3(m)
(download from link folder)


Incredible books. (Well, the first two are.) I fell in love at the first sight.
Unedited scans:   v1(mv2(m) v3

Friday, August 8, 2014

Random Scans, illya_ & Wolfram, Vanity, illya_, anonymous: Berserk


-Berserk v02 v03 from anonymous , v02 with increased levels.
-Berserk v24   v25    v32 HQ from WOLFRAM
-Berserk v26  v27    from anonymous
-Berserk v31 LQ from Kickthekitty
-Berserk v31 v.2 HQ from Vanity
-Berserk v33 v.2 HQ from illya_  links: JPG(477MB) , PNG(1,38GB)  
And here's resized version for those who have problems viewing large images. PNG2400px(456MB)
-Berserk v34 HQ from illya_  
-Berserk v35 HQ from illya_ 
-Berserk v36 HQ from illya_ 
v36 now edited to higher quality by Illya_ .

>scanned< and edited by  illya_ :
-Berserk v37 HQ           (torrent)

Unedited scans of Berserk v1-v36: 
Are at "Scans by Random Scans" page In Mega linkfolder "B".