Scan releases by other groups

Scans (and edited scans) by other groups. That means nothing you download from this page is from Random Scans but all credit goes to those other respectable groups named here.
Purpose of this page is to answer to inconvenience that while there are plenty of sharing sites for scanlations, finding any host site for scans is near impossible. That's great injustice as scans are the life force of all scanlation.  So, if you happen to have scans but no place where to share them, I would be proud to offer my blog for hosting them.
-Note that these are actually more like releases then scans. Edited scans at least. But I'm trying to keep my blog simple.  And I have hopes that this page will grow and prosper in the future.  As for now let's call them


- Mega linkfolder -(for first 6 mentioned)

scanned & cropped by rozzy
King of the Hell v16

scanned & cropped by wilsonwilson
Alien Nine v1  v2  v3
Black Sun Silver Moon v02 v03 v04
Boys Be v14 v15
Crown v01
Dorthea v01
Dragon Eye v01 v02. 
Gatcha Gacha v03 v04 v05 v06 v07
Good Witch of the West v06
Hero’s are Extinct v01 v02 
I Hate you v01 v02 v03 v04 v05
Inubaka v05 v06 v07 v08 v09 v10 v11
Louie the Rune Soldier vol 2 
Samurai Deeper Kyo v32
Sorcerer Hunters (Bakuretsu Hunters) v12(m) v13(m)
Those Who Hunt Elves v1

scanned by aguswings
Rumic World v1

release by Conquistadork
Golgo 13 (Viz)- v3 nya   , and link to smaller .jpg version: link

a bit lower quality releases from asxx
Jewels v3 v4 v5 

quality release by Phantom
Assassination Classroom v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v6

cropped scans by A88
Area 88 c030 (v03 wideban)
link   (also mirrored to scan releases mega folder)

Scanned and released by drowsy

Bunny Drop v10

Mesmirize & Peony
Sea View
(is stored to Peony folder at releases page)

Alexiel & Peony
Barefoot Waltz
(is stored to Peony folder at releases page)

Found from IRC by anonymous. Sadly I have no knowledge of the scanlator.
Heart no Kuni no Alice - The Clockmaker's Story vol
Renai Otogibanashi - Toy Box vol

-mega folder-  (for next 2 mentioned)

releases by version4
Black_Jack v01-v7
Gankutsuou v1-v3
Metro_Survive v01 v02
Talking_About v1-v3
To_Terra v1-v3

releases by anonymous
Black Jack v8-v11

Note: I Hate You v1 is dead link and I don't have that archive from WilsonWilson myself. If you happen to have it please upload it for me!

Patric's scans:

case-DCP scans:

Koneko scans:
A Midnight Opera 1-3
Dramacon 1-3
Gravitation 1-4
I Luv Halloween 1-3
Phantom 1-5
Petshop of Horrors - Tokyo 2-4
Petshop of Horrors - Tokyo(Vol. 5-6):

Senfgurke2 is back! And he is as good as ever.
 -But I will keep the mirrors up of some just in case. Still, go to his blog for downloads if possible.
   Main Mega folder for SG2!
   Otomen v1-v11
   Venus versus Virus v1-v8.

Also some important mirrors just in general. As I can't figure out where else to put them


  1. are you going to sccan the last volume of the gatcha gacha series?

  2. Great website, keep up the fine work! I'm having trouble accessing the two volumes of sorcerer hunters through partage. Would it be possible to place them in a different upload site? Many thanks!

    1. Uploaded to BU. Don't hesitate to ask more uploads!

  3. Would it be possible for you to upload senfgurke2's scans for the Oh My Goddess! Novel?, all the links are down.

    1. I have never even head of it. Yet I seem to have something with that name on hard drive.


    2. Thank you so much, I don't know how much time I spent looking for it.

      BTW, I was reading the comments on the "random scan links" page and noticed that Enchanter it's only from Vol 5 to 10, I have the first 4 volumes if you'd be interested on putting them in this page. (That is, if don't have them already)

  4. Hey, just wanted to ask if there is any chance of getting last 2 volumes of Sumomomo Momomo scanned? Also, would like to as the same about Cat Paradise. Thanks anyway. Glad this site exists.

  5. Hi is there a scan of Gatcha Gacha Volume 8?

  6. Could you please highlight the following scans on this page as the groups are dead:

    Patric's scans:

    case-DCP scans:

    Koneko scans:
    Petshop of Horrors (Vol. 2-6):

    1. That does sounds like useful thing to do. I'm going through links at the moment.
      Few of the Koneko scans links are dead btw.

  7. While I appreciate what you do,

    "that while there are plenty of sharing sites for scanlations, finding any host site for scans is near impossible."

    That's because people scanlate to get stuff out there and hopefully get picked up for licensing. Though there are some who do it for ad revenue.

    "That's great injustice as scans are the life force of all scanlation.""

    Um... Japanese scans are. English ones aren't, since they don't need to be scanlated...

    Anyway, most people are already against licensed works being scanned, let alone someone actually scanning the English books. Both because "SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY" (which, scanlation has been proven to not even have much of an effect on sales so basically they probably work for the company or are extremely misled) but mostly it's already technically illegal since you are re-distributing copyrighted works. A lot of people have gotten in trouble for scanlations alone. But when you get to the point of re-distributing copyrighted ENGLISH works you're pretty much asking for trouble. I think since this site is "word of mouth" and not really advertised anywhere (like MU) is why it hasn't gotten a DMCA or Cease and Desist.

    1. I have to admit that moral issues of this site have troubled me as well. But then I happen to stare at utterly overpriced books at the store, bad book quality and of course my bookshelf filled to brim.

  8. Can reupload Dragon Knight 23? It is corrupted. Thank you!

    1. same with Recast v2. Please reup too.

    2. Didn't realize until now that you were talking about patric's releases. Sadly I do not have uncorrupted version myself.

      But Recast v2? I see no problem with it. Perhaps it was corrupted in transfer between mega and you. Or perhaps it requires 7z to open.
      See 7z has a nasty bug that when compressing it might mark archive as .zip file even if it can only be opened with 7z. (so it should be marked as .7z instead)
      Can't tell if that is the case since 7z(freeware) is the only archive program I can afford.

    3. Thanks! I was opening it with Winrar, and it wasn't working haha.
      Thanks for the link. I'll read it online instead. :)

  9. Hello, I can't find to download Mars vol 2. I have dowloaded all the others and I see that this volume is missing. Could you uploaded?

    1. v2 is stuck. Will be scanned if possible but I do not know when.

  10. Thanks for the fast reply. Reupload please Angel Diary vol 10 the zip file is damaged.

    1. Damaged in what way?
      I tested download from folder A and there didn't seem to be problems. It could be the 7z bug.
      I use 7z for compression and this might be one of those archives that got compression which can only be opened by 7z.
      (The bug is that 7z marked those archives as .zip instead of .7z)

  11. have you removed yotsuba&! volume 1-10

    1. I guess the link died.
      Should be up in SG2's own blog.

  12. The links for Monster Musume are dead.
    You need to re-upload them.

    1. All uploaded.
      Download links are in linkfolder M in scans by Random Scans page.

  13. Please scan and upload "The Box Man" by Imiri Sakabashira, if you have it. Some of the stuff I like most is difficult to find/read online and I don't like to order/purchase the actual books unless I know it's something I'm going to love. Thank you either way.

    1. I will take a look at it. But don't consider that as a promise of scanning.

  14. Could you scan the English VIZ release of Saikano? I'd really appreciate it.

  15. Hey can you please reupload spice and wolf vol 7 and upload spice and wolf vol 9 if you have it?

    1. Got no v9.
      v7 is up in mega linkfolder "Sp" in scans page

  16. Any chance to scan the five last volumes of soul eater? (21, 22, 23, 24 and 25).

  17. hi can u scan and upload Rabu Kue ( Love Quest) by HOSHINO Lily and Kiss Ariki (Starting with a Kiss) by NITTA Youka?

  18. Happiness Recommended (Koufuku no Susume) by Himawari Souya scan and upload please and thank you

  19. Please scan and upload the VIZ volumes of Slam Dunk!!

  20. can u upload Kimagure Tora ni Okasarete and Chuuken wa Hana o Matsu
    please n thank you