Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Scans: PHD Phantasy Degree v1-v10

PhD: Phantasy Degree v1-v10

v1: Hard to form opinion of this series. It pretty much screams generic from it's art and plot, but characters also show personality and plot flows nicely. Well, the first volume is usually the weakest. This manga shows promise. v2: Action! v3: Now wait a second. Who was the main character again? v4: WOW, now this series is kicking! So good. v5: Good continues. I like it when story isn't clear about where it's going. v6: interesting but as much as v5. v7 and v8 are good if you have gotten into story. v10: wtf?
In any case series stops to v10.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Random Scans & ghiblike: Black Blizzard

This is little something from 50s. A simple short story.
Black Blizzard   (aka Kuroi Fubuki)       baka

Black Blizzard  edited by  ghiblike

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Scans: Olimpos

Olimpos aka Olympos
This is a rescan. But it was such a pain to edit that I decided to give it temp post just the heck of it.
(Links are in Rescans post)

I had big hopes for this book due it's artist but this book does nothing with it's art! Absolutely nothing!
So disappointing.