Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random Scans: Orion (updated)

Orion  (<-probably 1st edition)
Orion (3rd edition)

Now what would be better then scanned Orion? Two scanned Orions!
So how do these editions differ... Page cuts are very slightly different. 3rd seems to have a lot better paper quality.
About scanning... First third of 3rd seemed to be coming out better then with 1st. While the rest was easier to scan in 1st.

By my opinion, Orion is Masamune Shirow's best work.
These are high quality scans. Scanned at 6200px height and high image quality. A must download, I dare to say. Both of them.
At last a chance to read this book in the way it was meant to!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Please help if you can!!!!

Today I went through our entire archive of scanned books and checked their zip file integrity. Then after going through back ups, there were still few problematic books. Ten  Eight zip files of scans with corrupted data and no back up.
Here I have listed the books in question, and the images in them which are corrupted.

-Banya v4 , p014
-Bleach v4 , p044 p073
-Cromartie High School v10 , p002 p040
-Kagetora v7 , 007 047 050
-Kobato v4 ,  all after 069
-Kyoukai no Rinne v4 , 082
-Q ko-chan v1 , p002 p104
-The Dragons of Outland v1 , p040

So I ask help from you, dear readers. If you happen to have uncorrupted version of any of these zip files, then please upload those for me. (Or just those few pages in question, if thats more convenient)

Also the zip of WilsonWilson's "I Hate You v1" was corrupted.  (Check the "Scan Releases" page) It would be nice to have that back to share as well.

So why don't we just rescan those pages? Well, yes, recanned. But it would be nice to have those original scans too...
Banya v4(m)
Bleach v4(m)
Cromartie High School v10(m)
Kyoukai no Rinne v4(m)
Kagetora v7(m)
Kobato v4(m)
Q ko-chan v1(m)
The Dragons of Outland v1(m)