Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Scans: Kurokami (Black God) v14

Kurokami  (Black God)  v14(m)

Wow that was good! Why didn't I know about this series before? Would anyone be interested to editing this series?
(P.S. don't tell about these scans to the group named Random Scanlations. We hate each other.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Scans: Desert Coral

Desert Coral v1(m)

This is a rescan of our own scans. Previously scanned were v1 v2 v3 in lq and v2 higher quality.
Those older scans can be found in Filehost folder D. link

This is actually little bit released too. My own lq quick releases exist for v1 v2 and v3 .

There also exist translation group for volumes v4 and v5. Raretrans. Sadly there weren't proper raws at the time for them so those volumes weren't typesetted. LINK

RAWS for v4 and v5 can be found here: link and link