Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Scans: Drakuun v1

Drakuun v1     (300dpi)
Wtf? Drakuun? Now where did this come from?
I was checking my massive file storage yesterday and run across something familiar. Shitty covers, weird naming, no crop. Yep, the signs of scans by Random Scans. Drakuun v1 scanned by us years ago and completely forgotten so it hasn't ever been in this blog. It's just 300dpi but since book format is so large, it looks good!

But is this important? Yes, half of it is. There are HQ releases of chapter 1-3 from magazine scans in net (to halfway of v1). But rest of it is only available in english in lower quality this far.

Since those 3 HQ chapters are hard to find outside p2p I decided to mirror them here as well as raws of this manga and releases of  v1 v2 v3 v04c01-06 from Mangatraders.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Random Scans: Guin Saga - Shichinin no Madoushi v1 v2 v3

Guin Saga - Shichinin no Madoushi   v1(mv2(m)  v3(m)


-Tried out different scanner for v2 and v3. But don't seem to notice much difference in quality. Any thoughts about it?